Photomatic Software

Welcome to the new Photomatic website.

Photomatic software is being used on many systems all over the world for passport photos, identification and more. Photomatic software automatically processes any image into a perfect passport photo. For any country. This is what we refer to as the "AutoCrop" process. After the AutoCrop process the Photomatic software will start a very sophisticated ICAO check. The passport photo is checked on all official requirements for passport photos, as specified by the ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The ICAO check is a very important part of the Photomatic software because it will make sure the passport photo will not be rejected when used in offical applications for a passport, driving license of Visa. Not every country has the same requirements for head size and position, background color and the format of the passport photo. Fortunately the Photomatic software keeps track of these special requirements. We know exactly what the preferred background color is and the required face size and position, for each country.

This website lets you run the Photomatic software using your browser. Interested? Register and request a demo license.

Web Services

If you are interested in just using parts of the Photomatic software, take a look at the Web Services menu. Photomatic core technology such as AutoCrop and ICAOcheck are available as web service. This allows you to build your own website using these sophisticated functions. Take a look at how these web services work. Just upload a passport photo and see what the Photomatic services can do for you.